As a ceramic artist, I am interested in functional forms using a combination of throwing and hand-building techniques.  Function facilitates a very intimate connection between object and the user.  My work, at its core, is about this intimate relationship.  Food and the vessels used to contain it are an integral part of humanity. Whether it be through function, the way the user feels when holding a cup, mug, or bowl, or food served in special dishes at holidays or communal gatherings, there is a connection formed that is an integral part of the human experience.

Function is at the core of my work; however pattern, color and decoration are equally important.  I enjoy using white porcelain-like stoneware. I use sgraffito to draw shapes and patterns, and decorate using an underglaze. Once the piece has been bisque fired, I apply a black wash over the piece and wipe it away, revealing the incised lines of the sgraffito. The black wash gives the piece an antiqued look. A bright palette of colors and patterns creates what I hope is an inviting and enjoyable object in which the user will cherish and use daily.